Passionate and Intelligent

Lightworkers Who Play in the Dark is such an exciting and important podcast. Mistress Damiana Chi is so knowledgeable and insightful regarding all things BDSM and kink. But truly what makes it so compelling is Her deep caring, understanding, and passion for the art and craft of BDSM. And compassion for those who practice this lifestyle. Mistress Damiana wants to spread understanding make the world a better, safer place for kinky people. Her psychological background informs Her views of the practice of BDSM moving beyond the basic acts and techniques and getting to the art, the beauty, and often the love that is behind what we do. Listen and open your mind and heart to the often misunderstood world of BDSM.

March 17, 2022 by sweetgirl julia on This Website

"Lightworkers who play in the Dark" Podcast, hosted by Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D.