Truth Be Told

The moment Mistress Damiani Chi begins speaking you are immediately drawn in as she takes you on a journey so insightful and riveting you are left speechless at the end. Although, I’m sure she is usually the smartest person in the room, Mistress Damiana communicates in such a clear, honest and concise manner her message is accessible for all. In Mistress Damiana’s debut episode of her new podcast series, “Lightworkers Who Play in the Dark” she pulls back the current and reveals the true nature of the dominatrix/slave relationship and the therapeutic importance for both. The average persons perception of the dominatrix, BDSM, fetishes and the kink world in general, which is often times falsely represented in the media is vastly different than the truth and reality. There are many out there that pretend to be part of the BDSM community, but are nothing more than crooks, con artists and charlatans. They are predators who hunt the weak and the lonely. Mistress Damiana Chi and many others like her represent and stand for what is right about the BDSM community. They dedicate their lives , often having to make great sacrifices in their personal lives in order to aquire the knowledge and skills to practice their art. They are the lightworkers. Ican’t wait for episode two which I’m sure will be insightful, eye-opening and kinky.

March 16, 2022 by Chris McCormack on This Website

"Lightworkers who play in the Dark" Podcast, hosted by Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D.