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March 15, 2022

Q&A: How to find a good Domme and stay in Her good graces

Q&A: How to find a good Domme and stay in Her good graces

In this Q&A episode, Mistress Damiana Chi answers questions from her listeners, Mike, Stephen, and Jerome, who had 2 questions.


“I was just wondering what advice you might have for someone who has trouble expressing their kink side for a number of years and doesn’t really think they are going down the right avenues and just wants to delve a bit deeper into the BDSM community but doesn’t really know where to start.”


“My question is about staying in good graces with your dominant. I’m a submissive and as a client and I often worry about doing the wrong thing. It’s so important to me that the dominant actually like me. I get nervous often so just any advice you could give on being a good submissive would be super interesting to me and much appreciated. Thank you!”


“Hello, this is Jerome from France. What would you say is the difference between kinksters, subs and slaves? Thanks a lot!”


“Hello I will be meeting a pro domme for the very first time shortly. What would be your recommendations to make this a success?”

Mistress Damiana answers these thoughtful questions from male subs who really care about making sure they understand the best way to go about meeting dommes, making a good first impression, and staying in their good graces. Subs who have these concerns are actually exactly the type of thoughtful, sincere, respectful sub that every domme wants to play with. 

In this episode, Mistress Damiana spoke about a course called “Be Your Best Submissive Self,” that she may offer publicly, if she gets enough interest. It is a 4 hour live, online Zoom course available to all subs of any gender. If you’re interested in this course, let Mistress Damiana know by writing to her via her coaching website, www.BDSMsexologist.com.

Also in this episode, reference was made to www.ConsciousKinkCommunity.com - a private, personally-vetted members only community of kinksters who share a like-minded consciousness about being respectful and supportive of one another, in a safe container where we all can share and connect about anything kink related. If this resonates, you are welcome to click the link above to learn more and request to join.

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