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March 15, 2022

Interview with a Recovering Paypig (A Financial Domination Addict)

Interview with a Recovering Paypig (A Financial Domination Addict)

This interview with a recovering paypig (also called a finsub or a financial domination addict) is a really important one, and the first of its kind. We hope that everyone in the BDSM community will listen to this episode and have it be a real wake up call to what is happening to all these people who are being damaged by the people who are exploiting them for selfish gain. This interview will help to humanize paypigs, make FinDommes think about things differently, and change the way they see them for good—not as pigs and faceless objects only to be used for their wallets and thrown away. These are real people with real lives that are being negatively affected on all levels, many to devastating degrees.

Here is a direct quote from someone in the kink community to give an idea of the degree of devastation and hardship that finsubs are going through:

“I had several clients lose thousands of dollars from findom. At worst, my clients ended up owing money for their mortgage, to their lawyers, etc. There are two things I know for sure; 1) they will never get their money back and 2) they are emotionally, mentally and psychologically crushed. When my clients hit the dead end, I usually took over to figure out how to protect them from losing everything. That involved filing a police report, showing lawyers and negotiating with them (same for their mortgage), finding them a therapist for their mental health, etc."

Listening to Matt (not his real name) talk so freely in this interview, and openly about his fight against his urges to engage in the destructive addictive behavior of impulsively giving large amounts of money to fin dommes, with whom, he describes as never once having an ethical experience, really makes our hearts go out to him, and the thousands of others who struggle with this addiction.

Findommes may not even be aware of their wrongdoings because are not consciously thinking about how their actions might be negatively affecting that live human being on the other end of their DMs. They might be justifying their actions with “Well, they consented.” Consent doesn’t mean a thing when the play is not ethical. When a findomme irresponsibly takes money from a consenting finsub whose addiction is negatively affecting his financial, mental and psychological health, social life, and overall quality of life, it is wrong, and it is unethical. He is not actually a sub, but a victim of abuse.

Mistress Damiana referenced her article, FINDOM IS NOT FEMDOM, which can be found on her website, damianachiphd.com.

Supporting finsubs is a big part of the reason why Mistress Damiana created Conscious Kink Community, a private social network, exclusive to personally-vetted members. There are strict community guidelines that prohibit the offering and requesting of financial domination, and negative judgement and abuse. There is a huge need for conscious kinksters to be in community with each other without having to deal with findommes, domme imposters, and con artists. Conscious kinksters are welcome to request to join at the link above. 

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